Power Diamond Systems, Inc. (PDS)

Power Diamond Systems, Inc. (PDS)

Research and development of diamond semiconductor devices.

Establishment: August 8, 2022

Location: 1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-0051

Co-Founders: Tatsuya Fujishima, Ph.D., CEO & Representative Director

Hiroshi Kawarada, Ph.D., CSO & Board Director

URL: https://www.powerdiamondsys.com/

E-mail: info@powerdiamondsys.com

About PDS

  • Power Diamond Systems (PDS) is a fabless start-up engaged in the research and development of power diamond p-channel field effect transistors (p-FETs) for high-frequency operation and high-voltage switching applications. Combining these diamond p-FETs and other wide bandgap semiconductors (WBS) n-channel FETs, PDS is developing complementary power inverter systems.

  • PDS’s technology is based on elemental technologies invented by Professor Hiroshi Kawarada, at the School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, a leader in diamond semiconductor device research. For example, hydrogen-terminated diamond FET technology (Waseda's original method [1994]), newly developed silicon oxide terminated diamond FET technology [2020], and the world's first fabrication technologies of vertical diamond FETs.

  • Diamond semiconductors are not only the top-class material among existing power and high-frequency devices in terms of many physical properties but also one of the easiest and environment-friendly materials to procure. If diamond semiconductor devices and complementary power inverters are practically realized, they will bring innovation to the field of next-generation power electronics, such as quick charging systems for electric vehicles and high-efficiency renewable energy systems.

  • PDS will develop its business on a fabless basis by collaborating with Waseda University's nano-fabrication facilities. Furthermore, for a new diamond semiconductor market and academic progress, PDS will collaborate with major semiconductor manufacturers and researchers in the world.

PDS Team

  • WUV has been supporting PDS since before its foundation and has invited Dr. Tatsuya Fujishima, who has experience in semiconductor device R&D at ROHM Co. and MIT, as CEO to a co-founding team. Dr. Fujishima not only has expertise in semiconductor devices but also has extensive business experience at A.T. Kearney, Inc. and AI startups. WUV Co-Chairman Hiroaki Ohta, who has experience in semiconductor materials research at the Shuji Nakamura Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), will be a Chairman of PDS.

  • Through the collaboration with Dr. Kawarada and Dr. Fujishima, WUV will contribute to the realization of a sustainable energy society through the social implementation of diamond semiconductors.

Hiroshi Kawarada, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CSO (Chief Scientific Officer)

After working at Hitachi, Ltd, Semiconductor Division, Osaka University as an assistant professor, and Waseda University as an associate professor, he became a professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University. He had conducted research projects on diamond semiconductor devices in many national projects such as JST CREST, ALCA, A-STEP, COE Project, NEDO, etc. He has developed the current mainstream diamond FET method [Waseda University method (1994)].

Tatsuya Fujishima, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO

After working at ROHM Co., Ltd., he engaged in research on GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductor devices, semiconductor physical properties, and device/physical property evaluation at Tomás Palacios Lab., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also engaged in management and business consulting at A.T. Kearney, Inc., Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., and Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd. since 2013. In 2020, he joined DATAGRID Inc., an AI startup from Kyoto University as an Executive Officer and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer).

Fabrication Facility at WASEDA Univeristy