Nanofiber Quantum Technologies, Inc. (NanoQT)

Nanofiber Quantum Technologies, Inc. (NanoQT)

  • Engaged in research, development, design, manufacture, and sales of nano-optical fiber based quantum technologies (quantum computers, quantum cryptography, quantum communications, and other technologies related to quantum science), products, and services.

  • Establishment: April 27, 2022

  • Location: 1-22-3 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

  • Co-founders: Dr. Masashi Hirose, CEO and Representative Director

       Dr. Takao Aoki, CSO & Board Director

Dr. Akihisa Goban, CTO & Board Director

About NanoQT

  • Nanofiber Quantum Technologies (NanoQT) is Japan's first quantum computer hardware startup.

  • NanoQT is based on the unique technology of the Nanofiber-based Cavity QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) system developed in Japan, and aims to develop a universal quantum computer with distinctive scalability compared to conventional implementation methods. Furthermore, our technologies enable the full integration of quantum computers into quantum communication channels, realizing quantum network

NanoQT Core Technology

  • The core technology of NanoQT is the nanofiber-based cavity developed in Japan. This unique cavity has been designed by the principle of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) and produced in an extremely calibrated manner, enabling full integration of atoms and photons in a large scale for quantum computers.

  • In physics, this system is a part of the Cavity QED system which has been theoretically investigated for a long time, yet commercialization has not progressed due to challenges in cavity design ideal for quantum computation. NanoQT’s nanofiber-based cavity has overcome these challenges and allows accommodation of a large number of atoms (~10,000) in one cavity and furthermore interconnection of multiple cavities with optical fibers, resulting in a network of quantum computers (distributed quantum computer) Thanks to these advantages, NanoQT’s technologies hold strong promises to develop not only the most scalable quantum computer but also a full integration into quantum communication (quantum network) which the existing methods are difficult to achieve.

NanoQT Co-Founders

Takao Aoki Ph.D., Co-founder & CSO

Professor, Waseda University. Engaged in consistent research on quantum optics for application to quantum technology at the University of Tokyo, California Institute of Technology, and Kyoto University, and developed nanofiber-based Cavity QED technology at Waseda University. Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo.

Masashi Hirose Ph.D., Co-founder & CEO

~7 years experience as a management consultant in McKinsey & Company. Ph.D. in quantum technologies from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. B.S., Keio University.

Akihisa Goban Ph.D., Co-founder & CTO

Developed nano-fiber QED technology with Prof. Aoki in Waseda University. Engaged in quantum optics research at JILA. Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology. B.S., University of Tokyo.