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Quanmatic Inc.

            Dr. Nozomu Togawa, CSO & Board Director

About Quanmatic

Quanmatic Co-Founders

Sumitaka Kooga, Cofounder & CEO

Sumitaka engaged in developing a computational physics model to simulate ocean turbulence during his days in Kyoto University. After graduation, he pursued a business career as Management Consultant, followed by a role in operational transformation in the high tech industry, including deploying several cutting-edge digital solutions. His primary roles in Quanmatic are to set the strategic direction to leverage quantum technology to solve real world problems and to build the organization to enable organization to achieve the corporate objectives. Sumitaka holds a Masters degree in Science from Kyoto University.

Nozomu Togawa PhD, Co-Founder & CSO

Nozomu is the leading researcher in algorithm development as relate to quantum computing. As his name “Nozomu 望“, (meaning “wish” in Japanese) implies, Nozomu holds a strong desire to deliver quantum technologies to real world, which drove him to take on initiatives in several government committees, projects and industry collaborations in addition to his academic role as a Professor of Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Dean of School of the Fundamental Science and Engineering in Waseda University. Nozomu obtained Doctor of Engineering from Waseda University.

Shu Tanaka Ph.D., CTO

Shu started his academic career in Statistical Mechanics in Tokyo Institute of Technology with Hidetoshi Nishimori. After graduation, Shu pursued an academic career in Applied Physics, Physico-Informatics and Quantum computing in several academic institutes including Keio University, The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Waseda University. Shu currently works as Associate Professor in Keio University while serving as the Vice Director of World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI), Human Biology Microbiome Quantum Research Center (Bio2Q). Shu obtained a Ph.D. in Science from University of Tokyo.

Yosuke Mukasa, CPO

Yosuke is renowned for developing several quantum algorithms and applications including the web app “ANCAR” funded by Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) as a part of the “Mitou Target” program under the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. He is leading the development of propriety products for Quanmatic based on several Graph Theory-based mathematical algorithms to boost the performance of Quantum and Quantum inspired hardware. Yosuke holds a Masters degree in Engineering from Waseda University.

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